Hi, my name is Rachel Bode Tucker, mom of five boys, puppy-lover, and serial-entrepreneur. Back in 2008, my new-found obsession with crafting handmade tote bags turned into an entrepreneurial endeavor -- when my supply of bags quickly exceeded our family's demand for them, I started selling them online. I soon learned that my entrepreneurial spirit was almost as unquenchable as my creative one, and running small businesses became my new passion.

It all began with one monogrammed tote bag

Indigo Tangerine began as a vision I had of a line of highly customized products made from natural materials that complimented the lifestyles of others in both form and function. And, in my mind, that line of products began with a tote bag for one pathetically practical reason—as  mom of five boys who was accustomed to living life on a tight budget, I recognized the value of a tote bag that served its purpose well without sacrificing style or affordability. I wanted to see a tote bag that looked as natural hanging on someone’s shoulder as it did in the entryway of their homes; I wanted it to reflect people’s personal style without drawing attention to it; and I wanted it to withstand the test of time. 

So, late one night in November of 2014, with no training in art or graphic design, I sat down to sketch out some designs on the back of a scrap piece of paper. The goal was to create a few of these products that I envisioned for an upcoming holiday market I was hosting. The result was completely unexpected and Indigo Tangerine was born. In May of 2016, I decided to make Indigo Tangerine my full time job, and within a few short weeks, was selling more than I ever dreamed possible. 

And the rest is history. Except, not in a fairly tale sort of way

 While it would be nice to sit here and say that Indigo Tangerine all began as a dream I had as a little girl, etc., etc., the truth is, I’m a hopelessly practical economics major who dreams more about starting sustainable small businesses that can change the world in small ways than she does about trending fashion and home design. I dream about building businesses that create opportunities for people around the globe to use their talents and skill sets to support themselves and their families and I dream about building businesses that give back to society in sustainable ways, no matter how big or how small. And when those same business allow me to do what I love everyday, and support my family at the same time…well, let’s just say that I’ve accomplished my life goals. :)

Ready for part two of the Indigo Tangerine story? Read all about our evolution and ethical practices....

January 05, 2018 by Rachel Tucker
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