Summer is officially over--and school is back in session. No matter how eager college students are to return to their friends and school year routine,  they love a good care package. Snacks and self-care items are important to include, but so is that touch of home! Today, we’re going to show you how to pack the perfect college care package. 

  • Choose your tote

  • At Indigo Tangerine, we specialize in burlap and canvas tote bags. They may look simple, but a lot of thought and care goes into constructing each tote.


    All  materials we use are fair-trade and organic. Our burlap totes are laminated, which makes for easy cleaning. We use water-based inks that are free of chemicals. A zip closure ensures secure travel. The leather straps are nice and sturdy; no need to to worry about breakage.The Weekender Tote can be personalized with one monogrammed letter, or an assortment of quotes.


    Monogram Antler tote bag


    reusable canvas shopper bag

    If canvas is more your (or your college kid’s) style, we have those too! Each monogrammed letter is intertwined with a delicate floral or plant detail designed by Indigo Tangerine’s owner, Rachel. You can also have their name printed below the monogram. Both totes double as an overnight bag for quick weekends at home.

    Pick a candle

    Did you know that scent is the most powerful of our five senses? Whether your college student needs a reminder of home or to freshen up a dorm room, high-quality candles are the way to go!

    The Rustic House Candle

    The Rustic House candles are locally made in Chattanooga. Each soy-based candle is made with cosmetic-grade fragrances and oils that allow a large and consistent scent throw. We recommend French Lavender or Eucalyptus + Spearmint. Both scents have calming and deodorizing properties. If an open flame is a concern, simply use a candle melter.

    Add Coziness

     They are available in a poly or down insert, as well as tan or natural material.

    State pillows tennessee florida georgia

    A soft blanket or pillow accents any small living space. Not only are they comfy, but they also add decoration. Our State Pillows  suit college students well.

    Care packages are a staple of college life. Hope we’ve sparked inspiration the next time your college kid requests home comforts!