We may be just beginning to feel a slight chill in the air, but pretty soon the Holiday season will be in full swing. Instead of braving the crowds this year, why don’t you just browse our selection of Christmas and Holiday decor from the comfort of your own home? We have rustic Christmas gifts for everyone on your list.

Personalized Aspen Wood Slice Christmas Ornaments

Personalized Deer Wooden Slice Christmas Ornament

Christmas ornaments may be small, but they are one of the most sentimental pieces of Holiday decor. It seems like half of the ornaments that adorn Christmas trees are either family heirlooms or construction-paper-and-glue creations from elementary school days. Luckily, personalized Christmas ornaments are showing no signs of going out of style--and we have a few options that are sure to become a part of your tree this year.

Couple's First Christmas Personalized Ornament

Couple’s First Christmas Ornaments


Maybe you’re celebrating your first Christmas with that special someone. Maybe it is your first Christmas being married. Either way, commemorate the milestone with a Couple’s First Christmas Ornament! At Indigo Tangerine, we are all about that modern rustic decor look. Our ornaments are made with wood slices. They are thick and durable with designs printed on the face. As always, we use water-based inks that are non-toxic and don’t fade over time. A strong waxed string is used to hang each ornament.

This Ornament is Ideal for…
Boyfriend + Girlfriend
Husband + Wife  

Baby’s First Christmas Ornaments

Baby's First Christmas Personalized Ornament

 First comes love...then comes marriage….you get the idea! Christmas has a whole new meaning and excitement when a little one arrives in your family. You want to document every “first,” and baby’s first Christmas is no exception.

For personalization, there is a 30-character limit, so feel free to come up with a sweet phrase or sentiment. You don’t even have to use the current year; just be sure to tell us. Since each ornament has a raw, unfinished nature and is done in small batches, their appearance will vary from the picture shown. That being said, we take great pride to ensure each ornament is printed and constructed with great attention to detail.

This Ornament Is Ideal For…
New Parents

Christmas Decorating Idea

You can certainly receive these ornaments and put them in a gift box.  If you would like to get even more festive, attach them on top of your Christmas presents next to a shiny bow. Those small, thoughtful details add a little extra Holiday cheer. In addition to Keepsake First Christmas ornaments, we also have them in a Deer and Christmas Tree customizable designs.

Personalized Wooden Slice Christmas Ornament with Gift Box

Christmas Farmhouse Tea Towels

No matter the season, we always strive for that farmhouse decor look in each of our products. As we mentioned in our previous fall decor blog post, tea towels are another small but meaningful detail that can infuse your home with the Christmas spirit.  

Farmhouse Christmas Tea Towels

Our Christmas Tea Towels aren’t just for show--they are made with absorbent, organic cotton that can actually handle messes. No need to treat them with too much delicacy; when they get dirty, simply throw them in the wash on the gentle cycle. You can also toss them in the dryer and iron out wrinkles.

Merry and Bright Christmas Tea Towels 

The great thing about tea towels is they are collectable; you can never have too many. They are a functional and enjoyable gift for just about anyone--even for the person that has everything! If you feel a little stuck on what to get your friend or family member, tea towels are a good place to start.

These Tea Towels Are Ideal For…
Babysitters + Nannies
Housekeepers + Gardeners + Home Improvement People

Christmas Decorating Idea

Not only do our tea towels look great in your kitchen, you can use them for bathroom decor as well! Place them between traditional terrycloth towels as an accent piece, or use them as hand towels at your sink. We have several designs that you can mix and match--go ahead and place these dainty yet sturdy towels in as many rooms as you would like.

Home Is Wherever I Am With You Tea Towel

Christmas Farmhouse Pillows

Breaking out your favorite festive pillows is a sure sign that Christmas is on its way. Holiday pillows are another item that are almost like a family heirloom; you can mix classic needlepoint and velvet styles with our soft canvas and burlap pillows.

Merry Christmas Wreath Farmhouse Canvas Pillow

How cute is this Merry Christmas Wreath Farmhouse Pillow? We love how simplistic it is. It looks great in the living room nestled on your couch, or as outdoor decor perched in an adirondack chair. To make the pillow “pop,” pair it with a cozy patterned blanket. Any color of plaid works for the Holiday season.

Farmhouse Christmas Pillows

Speaking of plaid, we have a Plaid Christmas Tree Farmhouse Pillow. We love how the black and white pattern contrasts so well against the red cursive lettering. So festive! Like all of our pillows, it is available in burlap or canvas, with a poly or down insert. If you want a more classic look, check out our Red and Black Plaid Farmhouse Deer Pillow. It would make a great Christmas gift for men.

If plaid isn’t your favorite, we have a red Patterned Farmhouse Reindeer Pillow.  It has that throwback, needle-point vibe that is both classic yet modern. When it comes time to decorate your home for the Holidays, don’t be stressed! Simply place a few of our Christmas pillows around your home for instant coziness.

patterned reindeer canvas pillow

Christmas Decorating Idea

Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns. Sure, matching colors and patterns look clean and uniform, but there is something warm and playful about mixing patterns--like the plaid and needlepoint patterns we featured. Feel free to get creative. There are no rules when decorating your home for Christmas--just have fun with it! 

 Farmhouse Pillow with AntlersOur Farmhouse Antlers Pillow Featured By @vintageporch

Farmhouse Christmas Pillows Are Ideal For…
New Homeowners

Antler Monogram Burlap Tote Bag

We have a burlap bag for every occasion in life, including Christmas. Whether you are gifting one to yourself (we all need a little treat every now and then) or to a friend, these are the perfect size to tote around Christmas presents and winter essentials.
Antler Monogram Burlap Tote Bag


We use fair-trade burlap with sturdy leather straps. Go ahead and carry your laptop in there. The interior is also laminated for an extra layer of sturdiness, with a zippered closure so its contents won’t fall out.

We also offer personalization on our Antler Tote Bag -- you can have your initial printed between the antlers. If you want to get even more Christmas-y, we also have a Deer Stag Burlap Tote Bag, available for personalization as well.

Deer and Farmers Market Burlap Tote Bag

Christmas Decorating Idea

Yep, you can even use our burlap totes as Christmas decorations! These are such a nice touch hanging on a hook as you walk in your front door, or even in the living room.

Market Burlap Tote Bag

Our Burlap Tote Bag Is Ideal For…


Christmas-Inspired Wooden Signs

In addition to our comfy pillows, festive tea towels and functional burlap bags, we also specialize in wooden signs.

Christmas-Inspired Wooden Signs


They offer another hassle-free way to decorate your living space. Whether you’re a busy mom who doesn’t have time to string Christmas lights or a college student looking to spice up a tiny dorm room, wooden signs are the way to go.

In addition to farmhouse signs featuring bible verses or hymns, you can print your own custom quote with your choice of 14 font options. And you don’t even have to take it down after the holidays!

adventure awaits wooden sign

Christmas Decorating Idea

As we just mentioned, the possibilities are endless when it comes to our wooden signs. Not only are Bible verses and Christmas carols an option, but you can get a loved one’s handwritten note printed, wedding vows, family establishment timeline, birth stats--basically anything you can think of. They are such a simple yet deeply thoughtful gift.

Handwritten Note Personalized Wooden Sign

Wooden Christmas-Inspired + Personalized Signs Are Ideal For…


We hope this Christmas and Holiday gift-giving guide makes your shopping experience a lot more simple! As you can see, we are a one-stop shop for personalized gifts. Not only is each product of great sentimental value, but all materials used are ethical, organic and fair trade. No matter which products you choose to gift to your friends and loved ones, we hope they enjoy each gift. May your Christmas and Holiday season be one of joy, togetherness and giving.