A heavy duty canvas tote bag with handles is a must-have for just about everyone. They are a handy accessory in every situation; grocery shopping, at the farmers market, move-in day, a long weekend, et cetera. Our canvas totes may look simple, but a lot of thought goes into each of them. They are made with organic canvas that is strong and durable, so each bag can stand up to wear and tear. Each print is made with non-toxic, water-based inks. Best of all, they come in a variety of designs and prints; so they fit with any lifestyle. Today, we are going to showcase a few of our favorites.

Home State Canvas Tote Bags

Tennessee Home State Canvas Tote Bag

Our Home State Canvas Tote Bags are great gifts for college students. They have a practical, unisex design, with 14x14x5 inch dimensions. These new canvas totes have a square, structured base that allows the bag to stand on its own instead of slumping. It is the perfect weekend getaway bag  for toting around essentials.

Farmers Market Canvas Tote Bags

Farmers Market Canvas Tote Bags

Fall is all about visiting the local farmers market and pumpkin patch with your family and friends! Instead of carrying fruits, vegetables and pumpkins around in your arms or flimsy plastic bag, our Farmers Market Canvas Tote makes a great reusable produce bag. These also have the newly-designed square base. We have a Seed and Supply canvas market tote with Chattanooga, TN printed at the bottom of the image.

Rustic Farm Animals Canvas Tote Bags

Rustic Farm Animals Canvas Tote Bags

Continuing with that rustic farmhouse look, we have these new canvas tote bags with farm animals printed on them. We love the vintage, french farmhouse decor feel of the illustrations. For a fun, Americana aesthetic, we also have a Stacked Farm Animals version of this tote.

Stacked Farm Animals Canvas Tote Bag

“Punny” Canvas Tote Bags

Punny Canvas Tote

Need a sprinkle of humor in your everyday routine? No prob-llama! Grab this Punny Llama Canvas Tote for your next adventure. Pair it with our Aloe To You Too Tote, and you have a pun-tastic duo. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist!) Also available with our square base design, these totes are sure to bring a smile to your--and everyone else's--faces.

Canvas Tote Bags For Bride and Bridal Party

Bide Canvas Tote Bag

Since the beginning of Indigo Tangerine, wedding-inspired tote bags--both burlap and canvas--have been one of our specialties. They are a thoughtful, easy bridesmaid gift. Our new Bridal Canvas Tote Bags have a little extra detail; a chic, eucalyptus print with gold lettering. What’s great about the eucalyptus print is it fits with a variety of wedding themes, from fancy black tie to laid-back boho. Plus, this tote is not only available a Bride version; we also have Maid of Honor, Just Married, Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom. If you’re interested in purchasing bulk canvas tote bags for a unique wedding favor, the Bridesmaid Canvas Tote Bag is available from a set of 3 to a set of 10. Talk about being a bridesmaid superhero!


Canvas Tote Bags are such a useful, universal gift. Best of all, they are good for the planet; ditch plastic bags and reach for a strong, reusable canvas tote for your next grocery trip. They will last for years and save a ton of plastic waste. Plus, our totes have personality. Not only are they practical, but they easily double as rustic, country home decor. Happy shopping!