A few months after the last bar of, “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…” has been sung, spring finally starts to make an appearance! While we wait with baited breath for soft green grass, blossoming flowers, and chocolate easter eggs, why not welcome spring with functional decor sure to impress?

Invite the Outside In… (and vice versa!)

After spending the winter indoors, take advantage of spring’s fresh air by removing the boundaries of your living spaces. Mixing up your living spaces not only lets you enjoy the new season, it allows you to indulge in some adorable spring decor.


Throw pillows are a fantastic way to spruce up a space while adding comfort (hello practicality!). Adding a few outdoor throw pillows to your front porch swing or rocker can welcome spring in a whole new way and give your entire porch a face lift.

Check out our outdoor throw pillow collection here -- some even feature rabbits and carrots, just in time for Easter. All our pillows are made of eco friendly burlap, canvas, and water based inks. Plus, they have zippered closures! This means they’re not only adorable, they’re practical, organic, and durable.

BTW: Outdoor throw pillows also make adorable gifts for spring birthdays.

spring farmhouse outdoor pillows

On the flip side, introducing throw pillows to your indoor living space can inspire a breath of fresh air… just like spring! Add pillows to your living room for an all new look, to your kiddos room for a pop of personalization, or to your bedroom for a custom, romantic touch.

Find our whole throw pillow collection here.


Why let kids rooms have all the fun? A colorful pop of paint on your front porch can spruce the entire area up and welcome spring with open arms!

Try painting your front door, trim, or railings for a quick and easy facelift. You can also take your paint brush to the street and give your mailbox a quick makeover for added curb appeal. 

Garden in Style 

Among other things, like nabbing some Canterbury chocolate eggs, spring is a great time to dust off your green thumb and dig (no pun intended) into your garden! Who better to decorate your space than Mother Nature? A spring garden can display a variety of colorful flowers and veggies and provide a fun outdoor hobby.


As the ground unfreezes (finally), think about what kinds of plants you would want in your spring garden. Are peas a crowd pleasing addition to your dinners? Do you love radishes? Think through function rather than just color -- plants make a lovely addition to your spring decor, regardless of their hue.

If the thought of tending to a large garden is leaving you wishing winter would stick around, never fear! Small potted plants can add a pop of color and beauty without the time commitment. Try placing flower pots around your front porch, under your windows, or on the sidewalk to your house. You can also consider hanging plants from your front porch ceiling.


No matter what size and style of plants you choose, you’ll need some garden tools to properly ring the season in! But don’t let your carefully collected trowels and pruning shears rust in the April showers. Create a storage system that’s both functional and stylish (are you sensing a pattern here?).

Try stowing your gardening tools in one of our waterproof Farmers Market tote bags! These bags offer enough storage for even the largest spring garden. Plus, their waterproof lining ensures they’ll last for seasons to come. They are made with laminated eco friendly burlap and water based inks, and are organic and fair trade. Their zippered closure, square base, and large size provides the perfect combination of cute and practical!

BTW: These bags are made to order and can be customized, so they can make great Easter, birthday, or anniversary presents!

Check out our full tote bag collection here.

Makeover Your Entryway 

Welcome the new season by focusing on where you welcome your family and guests… your entryway! Adding personal, decorative touches to your entryway brings your colorful, spring-ready, and inviting front porch inside. 



Custom touches transform a once boring entryway and infuse personality -- no matter what season it is. Try adding one of our custom signs with sayings to your space! Our signs can say anything, in anyone’s handwriting, but they can also speak sentiments like, “Home is Wherever I’m With You”.

Check out our custom farmhouse sign collection here.


farmhouse entry way

Beyond adding a personalized sign, think of introducing a cute (yet functional) storage system. Shave valuable minutes off your morning routine by keeping your keys, sunglasses, and totes on hooks right at your fingertips. Plus, using our custom monogrammed tote bags as a both a storage and decor piece? Double-timing genius if you ask us.

You can also introduce a shoe rack to let rain boots dry and keep your shoes easily accessible. Or, cute crates and bins for smaller, stackable shoes like flip flops! Adding storage for shoes and rain boots creates a functional, lived in, and organized look.

Well, there you have it! Those are our decorative ways to welcome spring. Have you tried any new ways to ring in this season?

February 23, 2018 by Indigo Tangerine
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